Noteboard converts in-class projection screens into digital job boards

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What Sets Noteboard Apart?

  • Peripheral notification is easy to ignore - but the screen in front of the class has everyone's attention
  • Only 36% of students say they are frequent users of their college's career service department.
  • Offers the ability to communicate with students where they simply can't be reached.

Noteboard is Easy!

In only a few simple steps you can have your message displayed in classrooms. Messages can be targeted at students in your industry.

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In-Class, real-time Emergency Alerts

85% of college professors support banning cellphones in their classrooms, Noteboard gives colleges the opportunity to immediately communicate with these students.

“While ideal for learning, classrooms pose a significant problem for mass notification systems making it difficult for authorities to notify children, college students, and teachers during emergencies.” - Homeland Security Newswire

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In 2012, 99% of surveyed recruiters used a college's job board website and said they only found them "somewhat effective" to identify and attract college graduates. Adding Noteboard to your Career Services program will change that.

Connect with students in the classroom, on the go, and at home.

Noteboard displays job posting directly to students in relevant classrooms. Students can access notes from the classroom, and also on their mobile devices and computers using the web app.


From your computer, to the classroom, to the student.

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